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10 oz. Lexington Wine Glasses
Patten:  wine glasses
Name:   10 oz. Lexington Wine Glasses


A wine glasses is a type of glass stemware that is used to drink and taste wine. It is generally composed of three parts: the bowl, stem, and foot. Selection of a particular wine glasses for a wine style is important, as the glass shape can influence its perception.

These 10 oz. Lexington Wine Glasses are medium-sized glasses standing at just over five-inches tall and over two-inches wide. Their long bowl design allows this piece of glassware to hold more liquid than most glasses its size. This customizable wine glass has a stem design that makes it elegant enough to serve wine, but casual enough to serve other non-alcoholic beverages. Other features on this customizable wine glass include a wide and sturdy base, smooth rim for comfortable drinking and elegant cylindrical bowl designs.

Custom glassware items like these 10 oz. Lexington Wine Glasses are great for promotional or special events. The fact that they are glassware items means they have a quality elegant design that is good for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and holiday celebrations. Glassware items like these 10 oz. Lexington Wine Glasses look great with high resolution custom printed logos or laser engraving on select items. Logos and designs look particularly high-quality on these items because they are printed on a transparent background. This transparency makes the logos and designs stand out and helps further promote companies or organizations. Along with using these items for events and promotion, they can also be used in establishments such as bars and restaurants as barware items. For the highest quality glassware items that are ideal for your event or promotion use these 10 oz. Lexington Wine Glasses.

If you're looking for an elegant and versatile glassware item for a corporate or celebratory event these 10 oz. Lexington Wine Glasses are great options for you custom glassware needs. Lexington Wine Glasses have a specific type of design which makes them more versatile than traditional stemware. Lexington Wine Glasses have long bowl areas and a short and wide stem. This design allows these glasses to be used as customizable wine glasses or as drinking glasses for water, juice and other non-alcoholic beverages. It's this versatility that makes these 10 oz. Lexington Wine Glasses so popular, they can be used at weddings to serve wine or at corporate events to serve water. They also have large imprint areas for custom logos or designs.

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